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Originally from Limerick, Ireland, Louise is currently based in Mexico City and has been a Qualified Teacher of the Alexander Technique since 2004, teaching across Europe, North and South America where she has given workshops, private classes, short courses and seminars.

In July of 2004, she qualified from the Alexander Technique Studio in London, having completed a three year full-time course and an additional Post Graduate Semester in the Winter of 2004. Louise is a teaching member of the International Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique (STAT) as well as the Irish Society of AT teachers (ISATT) as well as A.P.T.A.M. (Association of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in Mexico) and teaches the Technique in English and Spanish.

While in London she worked at Arts Educational, under the supervision of resident Teacher Penny O'Connor, with MA students studying voice, musical theatre and acting.  She also worked at the Helios Health Centre, LAMDA and The Actor’s Studio.  In Ireland she has worked with several professional theatre groups and Educational Art programs and schools.  She has also taught in the National School System, integrating the Alexander Technique with Drama.  For a couple of years her work was in conjunction with MS Ireland, Arthritis Ireland and the ME Trust, giving individual sessions or short group courses to its members. Whenever Louise goes back to Ireland she gives workshops and private sessions from her home in Limerick.

In Stockholm, Louise was an invited guest Teacher at the National University of Music as well as teaching at various Performing Arts Institutions and wellness centres across the city.

Currently, in Mexico City, Louise runs a private practice from her studio two blocks from Metro Polanco, just off Ejercito Nacional where she gives individual and small group sessions, both in English and Spanish, working with people of all walks of life, among them; theatre directors, professional singers, musicians, actors, dancers, acrobats, choreographers, school teachers, public speakers, bank directors, embassy personnel etc.

Individuals come to the Technique for various reasons, some with recurring neck, shoulder or back pain and others wishing to improve their posture, balance and general wellbeing, including those who specifically wish to improve all of the above as it relates to a specific activity such as playing an instrument, singing, acting, playing a sport, spending 8 hours a day at a computer or in a classroom etc.

She is currently working as the resident Alexander Technique Teacher at the Estudio de Opera Bellas Artes, part of the National Opera of Fine Arts BELLAS ARTES in Mexico City. Louise also teaches the Technique for the Secretaría de Cultura to the students of the Ensemble Escénica Vocal SNFM and Orquesta Escuela Carlos Chavez.  Louise also gives group sessions to the Coro de Madrigalistas de Bellas Artes and works alongside Director Carlos Aransay in Vocal Pedagogy courses across Mexico.  Louise regularly travels around Mexico giving workshops and short courses at universities and performance programs, e.g. University of Xalapa in Veracruz, University of Zacatecas, University of Querétaro, Tec de Monterrey Campus Cd. de México y Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.

Her approach and teaching of the Alexander Technique is about vastly increasing body awareness through individual application of the principals of the AT, while understanding that our "use" (of the body) affects our physical functioning and that if we are to perform at our best, in whatever we are doing, we must know how to use our body instrument well so that it functions at best capacity.

It is Louise's belief that a good working knowledge and understanding of how the body instrument functions is paramount to overall wellbeing and staying consciously in control of ourselves in life, art and work.